About us

During a trip for the non-profit organization OneDollarGlasses to Malawi, we discovered Moringa and learned how the leaf powder of this tree is successfully used in combating malnutrition and diseases.

We’ve always been very aware of our diet and are excited about the positive changes that go hand in hand with a balanced, healthy diet. We were similarly fascinated by the incredible numbers: over 90 essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, all essential amino acids and phytochemicals are included in Moringa in highly concentrated form.

Finally, we took Moringa from Malawi to Germany and distributed it to family and friends. The feedback was positive across the board. Because in a world of industrially processed foods, us people in the industrialized countries also suffer more and more from deficiencies.

First we imported Moringa from Malawi. But already the second delivery was contaminated with pesticides and heavy metals. We then turned to an organic farm in Israel which had very good quality. But with a newborn and a move to the UK, we quickly found that importing, testing, packaging and marketing, it simply took too much out of us. And so we found the Moringa from Moringa Garden in Tenerife Рa trustworthy Moringa farm with possibly the best quality Moringa in the world.

Over the years we have received great feedback that encouraged us to make Moringa known to a wider audience. So let us know your experience with Moringa.

We’d love to hear from you,

Corinna and Jens

Corinna and Jens in Malawi where Moringa Oleifera trees often are grown around hospitals to nutrify patients.