Organic Moringa Powder (140g, Red Selection)


Moringa Capsules
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Fortifies your immune system

  • Experience the undiluted natural vitality of ‘Moringa Garden’ s Moringa. To capture the quality of this incredible plant power, known as the” Miracle Tree”, we source only the finest organic Moringa, grown undisturbed, 200miles from any surrounding industry, and cultivated in a highly professional manner in Tenerife.
  • Known as the “Miracle Tree”
  • Grown organically and pesticide free in Tenerife


Raw food, vegan, gluten free.

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Used in Ayuverdic medicine to treat over 300 deseases


Organic pure leaf powder from the Moringa Oleifera tree,  also known as the miracle tree for its multiple uses….


Moringa holds one of the highest ORAC values ever measured! ORAC stands for “Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity” responsible for slowing oxidation (ageing of cells) in our bodies.

  • has 1000 times more Zeatin (namely the youth hormone in nature) recorded than any other plant! Zeatin ensures a youthful skin, acts against cellular aging and activates the self-production of substances that keep the skin young and elastic
  • contains the highest levels of Chlorophyll -1kg contains about 7grams of pure Chlorophyll, considered „green medicine“. It brings more oxygen into the blood, strengthens our immune system, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and helps with acute infections.


How to take it:

Moringa powder is potent in its raw form so start moderate but don’t be afraid to up the dosage until you feel what works for you. Many of our customers came back saying the product did wonders for them but only after they got the dosage right for them. As every body is different, it will differ from person to person.

Some vital elements (i.e. vitamins) work better in raw moringa, other elements (i.e. polyphenols) work better after the moringa has been heated. We therefore recommend to take roughly half of your daily dosage as part of your cooking. (You can just add it to virtually anything, soups, pancakes, porridge, scrambled eggs, etc)

As a guideline, I would start with ca. 3g/day:

Start: 1 teaspoons (approx. 2g) of powder and 3 capsules (approx. 0.42g/capsule)

Within a few days you can gradually up it to 5-6g a day.

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