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How much & how to take Moringa?

October 12th, 2016 Posted by blog, Moringa No Comment yet

Moringa is not medication but simply a type of food. Therefore there are no strict guidelines of how much to take. Generally, the recommended intake for Moringa largely depends on its quality and drying process.

Our Red and Premium qualities both are of pure leaves – without sprigs and leaf-stalks and are grown without the use of any pesticides, processed and gently dried with utmost care and top notch technology in order to keep all vital elements. They are strong, intense in taste and do contain many bitter and spicy substances as well as mustard oil glycosides that stimulate digestion. Likely they are stronger than any Moringa you have tried before and you may have to take less than what you have taken before.

We recommend to take 3-5g over the course of the day mixed with all kinds of foods and drinks. As some nutrients are destroyed by heat and others are activated by it, ideally 1/3 should be consumed raw and 2/3 should be added as a an ingredient to your cooked dishes. Test different amounts, different ways to take it while listening to your body.

And yes, you can take Moringa in capsules but then you miss out on valuable nutrients that are only activated through heat such as many of Moringa’s polyphenols which are the most important vital elements that our bodies need.

If you are new to Moringa you should start slowly and increase intake over the course of several days. And if you are sensitive, cook with Moringa rather than take it in raw form. Heat destroys the mustard oil glycosides to a large extent and activates polyphenols – free radicals catcher. However, using raw Moringa as a seasoning you get all the vitamins that are reduced through the cooking heat.

Cooking with Moringa is easy: You can add Moringa pretty much to anything.You can add Moringa to scrambled eggs or pancakes. Just this morning we had banana pancakes (4 eggs mashed with 2 ripe bananas and a teaspoon Moringa) served with maple sirup and berries.

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