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Mother’s best friend

October 25th, 2016 Posted by blog, Moringa No Comment yet

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the nutritional requirements of women are far higher than during any other time of their lives. A few examples:

  • During the second half of pregnancy, a woman will need 40g more protein than prior to pregnancy
  • For the formation of the colostrum (first milk), substantial additional amounts of antioxidants, vitamin E and beta carotene are needed
  • Each month a breastfeeding mother provides a full 10g of calcium through her mother’s milk
  • A healthy infant doubles its weight during the first four to six months

It is no wonder therefore, that a mother’s vitamin and mineral requirements can be as much as 50 – 100 percent higher than prior to pregnancy.

But despite living in an affluent society, the majority of women in Europe are undersupplied with nutrients, a reason why most women are advised to take supplements of iron and folic acid during their pregnancy. Nutrient deficiencies – in particular, lack of omega-3 fatty acids, folic acids, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron- can even lead to postpartum depression. Because of these deficiencies a rich and well-balanced diet is of utmost importance to mothers.

The beauty of Moringa is that these essential nutrients are all present in high dosages, aiding in the faster normalization of the hormonal balance after childbirth and nourishing mothers with the most important nutrients needed during pregnancy. In India and Africa, Moringa is often referred to, as “mother’s best friend” because it provides women with the nutrients the body needs during pregnancy and the lactation period – all natural and fully bioavailable.

While supplements should always be discussed with your doctor, Moringa is an excellent way to add these nutrients to your daily diet.

It is important that you buy your Moringa from a credible source, that it is tested against pesticides and other harmful substances and that it is a very pure form of leaf powder. Poorly processed Moringa can be harmful to you and your baby.


The typical synthetic supplements for pregnant women contain large doses of iron and folic acid. However, it is rarely addressed that this in turn may reduce the body’s capacity for absorbing zinc. Yet Zinc deficiency increases the risk of complications during pregnancy. This is a typical situation whereby one deficiency is substituted with another. So while one aspect is being treated another issue is created.

Vital Nutrients essential to the body thrive and work best in combination with other key nutrients present in the body. Hence the importance of a well-balanced diet with a rich diversity of nutrients.

If, one eats only one kind of food or food supplement for an extended time, they will eventually produce a deficit of another vital healthy-preggosubstance in their organism. For example, vitamin C requires vitamin B1 as well as certain minerals as counterpart. If one only consumes vitamin C for a long time, they will cause a severe B1 deficit with all its subsequent consequences in their body (e.g. lack of concentration, tingling in the legs and hands, constipation, among others). Moringa, as opposed to many superfoods and synthetic concentrated vitamins, differs in that it contains in its natural plant composite, over 90 different vital substances, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace elements, all amino acids, a lot of vegetable protein, healthy fatty acids, chlorophyll as well as countless plant associated substances that are perfectly balanced and bio-available in one form. This unique and incredibly rich blend of vital elements make Moringa work so well for our bodies. It becomes therefore, among the most holistic and complete source of nutrients out there.

Moringa is the most nutritious plant in the world and there is hardly a food that contains more iron and folic acid. It is rich in beta carotene, potassium and has a protein content of almost 30%. It contains possibly record-breaking levels of antioxidants and all the essential amino acids in balanced proportions. The wide array of nutrients with highest bioavailability makes Moringa-based products a valuable dietary supplement – especially during pregnancy.


Moringa doesn’t just help produce larger quantities of breast milk, it also improves the quality of breast milk. The consumption of Moringa leads to breast milk that contains more vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other vital substances such as the essential amino acids Arginine and Histidine, which cannot be produced by the infant itself. Moringa is rich in Choline, a vitamin that can lead to long-term memory improvements by increasing the responsiveness of brain cells. And the natural probiotic included in Moringa helps prevent occurrence of eczema in the child. Naturally, all this finds its way to the mother’s milk and to the infant.
The yellowish tint of the first milk (colostrum) results from its high beta carotene content. This vitamin prevents oxidation-induced damage during the first phase of the newborn’s life. Moringa is one of the richest beta carotene sources that exist. The immune proteins in the colostrum cover the baby’s intestinal wall like a blanket, thereby protecting it from infections. As we know, Moringa is a superb source of protein and fatty acids.

Our premium & red qualities are suitable for children & pregnant women: They are of 100% leaves only, organic and lab tested to ensure top quality. Sprigs and leaf-stalks which may contain harmful alkaloids have been sorted out by our patented 5-step sorting process.

A study even showed that Moringa can act as a galactagogue, a natural substance that increases the production of milk, even among mothers who give birth to premature babies, while another study in the Philippines, found that mothers who breastfed and used Moringa daily, their breast milk volume and infant weight gains were significantly greater than the control group of mothers and infants that were not taking any Moringa.

Would you not entrust nature rather than synthetic drugs to nourish, heal and repair your body?

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